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The gestation period for buffalos can vary from 278 to 311 days, about 9 to 10 months; they depend on the region and the breed.

In Brazil, four breeds are recognized by the Brazilian Association of Buffalo Breeders: the Mediterranean, Murrah, Jaffarabadi (Buffalo-of the-river) and Carabao (buffalo-of the swamp). The Mediterranean breed cattle are italian, they can both produce meat or milk, they have medium and small size.

The Murrah breed, from India, are animals with medium conformation and compact, light-headed and short horns, spiral curled up into rings at the height of skull.

The Buffalos are docile, which facilitate the breeding and handling and they got well adapted to wet environmental conditions. As their skin is black and also with a few black furs, they suffer hard when they are under the sunlight and it becomes difficulty as the buffalos have to dissipate the extracorporeal heat, due to the reduced number of sweat glands. For this reason, in their breeding environment, they need pond or lake to be immersed the hottest hours of the day, getting their body the thermoregulation, areas of shadow

The Buffalo milk is appreciated worldwide. It has opaque white color and pH between 6.43 and 6.80. In relation to cow milk, it has misela major casein, it coagulates much faster and their products tend to be a little harder, dry and easily broken.