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AGRO BETEL is a company that works with export of live animals. It is considered the biggest in breeding and export cattle, buffalos, horses and sheep, in Brazil and Latin America. It uses a modern and advanced process so that the animals reach the highest standard of quality and productivity.

AGRO BETEL owners, own a group of farms where animals are produced using a high gene level technique, with the tradition and experience for over 70 years.

AGRO BETEL also has a large group of partners who are agricultural producers with a high technical level used for the animals' husbandry to be exported.

The export process starts with the selection of the animals or agricultural products in one of those partner farms when they are examined and inspected by qualified experts, in order to meet the standards required to be approved.

Once approved, the animals are sent to quarantine. AGRO BETEL Company has its own quarantine center that is Campo Belo Quarentine Center; it is one of the only accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil, placed in the free area of FMD and to quarantine to export the cattle to the world.

The boarding of animals is only done after complete sanitary control, and strict quarantine and official release.

The Quarantine of the animals is supervised by the official veterinarians of Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil and it can be accompanied by people appointed by the buyer. We provide, for shipment, the required legal documents, customs clearance and "export permit".

In the quarantine, the animals receive adequate food to suit the type of the trip to be used (land, air or sea) and they are accompanied by technicians until the shipment.

The transport has some special care; it can be by air, sea or land. And the animals are released to the trip only after a thorough survey on housing conditions. For us from AGRO BETEL, the animals' welfare is a prerequisite for high quality final product.