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Agro Betel comes from
The Betel Farm

Which more than 80 years is a synonymous in quality and excellence in cattle, buffaloes, horses and sheep.



AGRO BETEL was founded by the agronomist Fabio Pinto da Costa, in order to take what is best in cattle, buffaloes, horses and sheep from Brazil to the world. Tradition and quality are assumptions that make AGRO BETEL a solid company and increasingly recognized in Brazil and abroad. The company comes from the BETEL FARM, which more than 80 years is a synonymous in quality and excellence in cattle, buffaloes, horses and sheep.

Located in Ibitinga, Sao Paulo state, next to other important Agribusiness centers in Brazil such as: Bauru, Araraquara, São Carlos and Ribeirão Preto, The company AGRO BETEL has the following motto: "No matter the work the complexity and difficulties, as everything must be done with love, dedication and quality in order to obtain the best result."

And so it has been success and recognition in all the activities that the AGRO BETEL has been dedicated. Exporting the best genetics of Gyr dairy cattle and buffalo milk, keeping one of the most established herds in the country. BETEL FARM in the years 2008 and 2009 won the prize for the best breeder of Buffalo in Colombia, a country has a strong union. BETEL FARM is also considered the greatest buffalos' breeder in Latin America.

Besides buffalos, sheep and dairy gyr - the greatest passion is the QUARTER HORSE RACE herds. The breeding has already been established for over 30 years. That is the family's hobby for the weekends.* AGRO BETEL is one of the most traditional importers of Quarter Horses from the U.S.A and also recognized as the best quality large sorter genetics. Facing the terms of cutting, team penning, barrel and beacon, Fabio Pinto da Costa was the Chairman of the Board in Quarter Horse Brazilian Breeders Association – ABQM and today he is the Honorary President of ABQM.

AGRO BETEL has a modern and equipped REPRODUCTION CONTROL CENTER, focused on working with horses, cattle, buffalos and sheep, with a wide range of service for its own stock and FOR THIRD, in the artificial insemination area, embryo transfer and also semen and embryos collection and storage.

We're BETEL Family

Who we are?

Our Team

The history of the Agronomist Fabio Pinto da Costa´s Betel Farm is intertwined with the historical Fazenda Campo Belo, owned by his father Jose Augusto Pinto da Costa and acquired in 1936 by his great grandfather, Augusto Pinto da Costa.

Eng. Fabio Pinto Da Costa


Filippo graduated in Business Administration at FAAP and speaks English and Spanish. He is responsible for the following areas: Sugar Cane production, infrastructure and renovation, and export negotiation with African countries.

Filippo Zono Pinto Da Costa

Commercial Director

Natalia graduated in Veterinary at Uniara (Araraquara University) at 2021 and specialized in pet clinic. She is our technical manager, livestock manager and responsible for our pre-boarding stablishments.

Natalia de Souza Sbragi

Technical Manager

Rafaela graduated in Zootecnia at UFMS in 2018 and studied her master’s degree in Animal Science at the same institution. She specialized in nutrition and reproduction of beef cattle and speaks English and Spanish. She is our confinement manager, responsible for the nutritional management of our herd.

Rafaela Nunes Coelho


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"No matter the work, the complexity and difficulties, because everything should be done with much love, dedication and quality in order to obtain the best result."

Fabio Pinto da Costa