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Award-Winning Buffalo Breeder, Fazenda Betel.

BETEL FARM raises and breeds Buffaloes for over 32 years and was elected the Best Buffalo Breeder in Brasil 5 times and also awarder twice, on 2008 and 2009, “Best Buffalo Breeder” in Colombia.

Agro Betel exported over 10.000 heads on the last years and became the largest Buffaloes exporter from Brasil. Most of these animals were exported to Colombia, Venezuela and Angola.

Mr. Fabio Pinto da Costa was the Vice President of Buffaloes Breeders Association of Brasil, and also had a buffalo milk dairy plant for several years and was involved on the first Buffalo embryos produced in Brasil.

  • #Best Buffalo Breeder

    Brasil - 5 times

  • #Best Buffalo Breeder

    Colombia - 2 times

  • #Largest Buffalo Exporter

    to Colombia, Venezuella, Angola

Difference of Milk and Meat in Buffaloes

Meat: Several reports in different countries have highlighted the excellent performance of buffalo meat as a producer, and they have less saturated fat, cholestrol.

Milk: The Buffalo milk is appreciated worldwide. It has opaque white color and pH between 6.43 and 6.80. In relation to cow milk, it has misela major casein, it coagulates much faster and their products tend to be a little harder, dry and easily broken.

Our Herd

"No matter the work, the complexity and difficulties, because everything should be done with much love, dedication and quality in order to obtain the best result."

Fabio Pinto da Costa